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What We Do

Safe Circle is a user-friendly, discrete safety check app, developed to keep you and your circle of friends and family connected during possible risky encounters.

In this day and age, we meet up with strangers all the time: kids playdates with other parents, school meetups and events, online dates, job interviews, photoshoots, networking meetings, and so on.

Safe Circle allows you to create a group of friends or family to help keep you safe.

  1. Create a circle adding friends and/or family
  2. Set up beginning time, check in points, and ending time
  3. Activate your circle - your friends will be notified
  4. You will get a notification to remind you to check in, if you miss your check in time, the people in your circle will be notified so they can be aware and take actions like calling you to make sure you are ok or even calling the authorities if they feel necessary
  5. For example: I can set up my event begining time at 2pm, check in points and 4pm and 6pm, and ending time at 8pm. At 4pm, 6pm and 8pm I will get notifications reminding me to mark as safe. If I don't, my friends will be notified so they can take action.
  6. When you are creating your circle, you have the option to add location, info about who you are meeting up with, and allow GPS so if your friends need to look for you, they will know where to start

Thank you for spporting this passion project.